Friday, 31 August 2012

History of fanush

                  Fanush flying  is a very old entertainment event. In old days only the
Maharaja / Nawab or some elite society  people was enjoying with flying fanush 
in the evening  of any good occasion .It is very populer in Chaina and Budhist country

                 Long time back in  north  Calcutta , fanush was very attractive event.Today
enjoying with fanush flying is almost end .
 Today in Calcutta  only some Zamindar /   Bonedi  family and some famous club enjoying
 with the art of fanush flying at the time of new year celebration and other good moment.

      Now-a-days fanush flying takes place on the occasion of  Kali Puja in Calcutta and some other   places in West Bengal. In Konnagar (14 km from Howrah)  Mr.Subir Bose is staying and famous
 as name FANUSH KAKU. He makes many types and colorful fanush. Special type of paper used
 to make fanush.
To fly Fanush, Balance is the most important part. His art and timing to fly fanush is excellent. Not only that , I have also learned from him to make and fly fanush. We also fly fanush proffesionlaly in any type of ceremony.
soumitra Goswami



  1. Exciting! Would you please say how to contact FANUSH KAKU?

    1. you can call him 9800088900 or email-id

  2. you can email:- dewron or can call him 9800088900

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